This poem is based on a statue of liberation in the campus of Rajshahi University, to signify the courage of the mass, to free the fellow citizens from the tyrannical domination and the various exploitations. It is symbolic on the part of the nation.

Shabash Bangla

Oh! Big fellows,
What are you staring at?
Are you gaping at the people
Thinking over what you have fought for
Freedom for these crawling people?
What do you carry the weapons for?
Is it a pictogram that humans can raise
The vehement when it is needed,
Or to show that we are open
To execute both evil and good
As we like it.

Are you proud
Of raising the hands above
So that we can practice corruption
All by ourselves,
Make fools of others,
Use all power
For such delicate concerns?

Your strength
Displays the proof
That we can change our objectives,
Uplifted from the primitive form of commons,
Enter the new realm of hypocrisy,
And reject the values of old and the weird.
Oh! that appearance, that culture,
That custom so torn and dirty
Out of fashion; whirls out
Of strong passionate emotions.

Or is it ...
The message for the newborn
That we can throw away all the evils,
Shatter all the firm devils within;
Back to our sovereign identity,
Make a lucid flow
Of all-time prosperity.

Oh! Those concrete tongues and lips
With their piteous stares
Could never make
The blind people discriminate,
Since the past and till the present
What those are,
Fair for the future?
Oh! you immobile creatures,
Why don't you out live
To pour your meaning in those
A sense of truer light.

Poetry by Rex Islam
Read 658 times
Written on 2005-11-18 at 13:45

Tags Anxiety 

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