This poem is what describes the word happiness and joy. A word we use a lot without knowing what it means.

Why are you so happy?

Whenever I am happy;
my feelings ask me
"When you don't know what happiness is,
Why are you so happy?
Just think for a moment and try to answer me
Why sometimes you're full of such meaningless glee?"

I gave it a thought and then came to know
My being happy is quiet meaningless though
I never do anything which makes others merry
And this was the reason I was never truly happy

So I gave up my happiness to make others glad
It made me feel equable and it made me feel glad
And at last I understood, what i happiness indicates
It's your way to the heaven's gate.

Poetry by Khulud Baig
Read 534 times
Written on 2007-05-19 at 09:02

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Amanda K
this is good but a bit confusing. thx 4 sharing ure work.

all the best,