It's been along time since i have written a piece of poetry! I had almost forgotten how good it felt to pour down your feelings on a paper( or website!) through ryhming words! The poems i write now are different from the ones i have written before. They

One day!

I want my tears to disappear
Just for one day
I want my heart free from fears
Just for one day
I want peace to return
Just for one day
I want the grief and sadness to burn
Just for one day
I want everybody to smile again
Just for one day
I want to let go of the pain
Just for one day
Give me this ray of hope
Just for one day
And I'll promise you an eternity of endeavors
To make the despair go away
If you promise me this one day

Poetry by Khulud Baig
Read 577 times
Written on 2009-07-02 at 16:00

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