This poem is dedicated to all those who comment my poems and encourage me to keep publishing my poems. This is the sequel of my first Memories poem. Hope you'll like it.

A shimmering star (Memories#2)

My life was darkened by sorrows and pains
The doors of my heart were fastened by chains
In lied the memories dull and weak
Bliss and harmony, they try to seek
Brightness had vanished from my heart
Murk and loneliness had torn me apart
But then my life was brightened by a glimmer of light
A shimmering star lightened my gloomy nights
It blew away me bereavements, it took away my grief
It left me with new memories, new concepts and beliefs-
Memories which melted the anger and cries
The memories which made me touch the elegance of azure skies
Memories which taught me joviality and hilarity
The memories which filled my heart with conviviality and hospitality
I learnt to live on happiness and exhilaration
The star filled my soul with glee and elation
You are the star, which shines brighter than the sun
I tried to find a star like you, but found none.

Poetry by Khulud Baig
Read 536 times
Written on 2007-05-25 at 07:11

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A wonderful poem with good content and flow.