Meaning of life.

Look at what you’ve made, it shouted,

Look at what you’ve done, it said.

Why did you find it necessary -

To point life in the head with a gun?


Hear the screams you played, it shouted,

Hear the cries you’ve made, it said.

Why did you find it necessary –

To finally pull that cause at it’s head?


See the blood you stirred, it shouted,

See the pain you portioned, it said.

Why did you find it necessary –

To make us die when we were dead?


Seven days it took you, it shouted,

And only one day to rest, it said.

But why was it us humans –

That you gave life to, and bred?

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 1135 times
Written on 2005-11-21 at 17:55

Tags Religion  Belief 

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A question man has been wrestling with for centuries. You formulate it in your own beautiful, intensive and awesome way!
(As to the question itself - Personally, I found it truly liberating to cancel from the equation the psychopathic figure people call god...)

Zoya Zaidi
John! John! John!
You never seize to amaze me!
The questions you ask!
The feelings you stir,
The questions you raise!
Are simply out of this world!
I think you are born under a special star!
Have I said that before?
Well,I'll say it again!
The famous Urdu poet Iqbal,
(Who is the intellectual Lord of Urdu poetry),
Raises such questions to God.
I'll just quote a couplet of his:
"Why did you send me from the garden of Eden, O Lord!
Now you wait for me, the task of this Earth is large!
(again horribly lost in translation)
((((((HUG YOU TIGHT))))))
Love! & God Bless!!!
xxx Zoya

This is somthing that realy touches me. I to have asked these questions but mine are different such as why would you allow her to be shot in the head. Life is always worth living.

This is so strong, it screams of accusation and demands an answer that will probably never be received therefore creating even more turmoil :-)

Black Knight
You ask answers from God? You are the courageous man, John.
If he suddenly will answer you, inform me, ok?
I want to know too...