A reminscience of past or retreat to past


Shouting was I
to a student
you idiot, stupid
in a fit of anger.
Eyes of mine burnt
burnt like ember
when I behold;
a boy showing his,
his stained, scattered teeth.

I rushed towards him
with a whip in hand
to whip and
to whip my anger.

Adorned in tattered clothes
snot flowing down
to mingle in mouth
was what I saw
approaching him.

With hesitation,
I approached him
and was greeted
with innocent smile
of his face.
Something pinched my heart
as I made out his visage
behind that snot and stained teeth.

I asked him, who he was?
For I had never seen him.
Revealing smoke stained teeth
he announced...
I am you.
Surprised, I leaned towards him
But felt a deep ache at back
And I screamed...
Someone had hit me.
In fury, I yelled,
Who the hell was it?
Then to my dismay
I behold:
Mrs. Wangdi.
Mrs. Wangdi
Our class teacher.

Wangdi Gyalpo
20th September.

Poetry by Wangdi Gyalpo
Read 760 times
Written on 2007-05-30 at 06:24

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