Dedicated to William Robert Verrett

Bury Us

As I walk down these narrow halls
I wonder what led me here.
There's nothing here, but empty rooms
where we used to laugh and play.
But now you're gone
lost in a spread of darkness.

I just want to bury us,
to bury all this pain.
I scream at these four walls,
but all they do is cave.

I can't tread water in this place;
I've got to let you go.
I can't see you anymore,
my conciousness is shot.

I just want to bury us,
to bury all this rage.
I want to forget this life;
I'm empty without you.

I can't go on when you're gone,
when I know it's my mistake.
What's left of youis gone
other than me.

I just want to bury us;
to bury all this yearning,
to rid me of this love,
save myself from the inevitable,
to run free adn be happy once more.
But all I do...
is bury us.

Poetry by Ashlee
Read 1079 times
Written on 2007-06-01 at 02:54

Tags Pain  Love  Lost 

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A very emotional write and one that pins down that sense of loss and regret well done.