this is the other side of love....of life.....
and probably this is the way to live on keep goin ......
sacrifices.....dats all what matters....
dats all wat counts.

Rituals at midnight.

like an occult art,
i feel your darkness.

something so unworldly,
schizophrenic i turn.

your spirit creeping,
cutting myself, praising deity.

anguished i summon you,
choking self, pleading you.

and your rituals, my faith,
sacrificing myself completely.

like eroded soil, gathering you,
and making myself undone,i stand.

for the the moment to reckon,
when you blessed me eternities ago.

come pass this dagger once again,
and bid adieu to my existence.

Poetry by Sarvesh
Read 544 times
Written on 2007-06-01 at 21:05

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Zoya Zaidi
Sarvesh, this is done with a lot of feelings...
The dark, occult and ritualistic atmosphere is well captured here!

Love, Zoya