Important things of life!

Important things of life.
Sometimes in our lifes',we come accross people from different works of life.
People that ceate a sort of impact in our lifes' .They participate in our dailly basis activities.
In the heart of friendship,we meet and learn new things about each other and perhaps share some moment
together,whether we like it or not and since memory do not die quickly especially when there are
things that will constantly remind us of them.
I believe friendship is a game worth playing and playing right depends on the caliber of people we
chose as friends.When this people come into our lifes',we know that very moment they are meant to serve
some sort of purpose;to teach,to love,and perhaps help us attain a certain height or lead us through.
Sometimes we do things we later regret,and if we do not do those things those times,it'll only mean
we are not human;but after such things we come to realise our weaknesses and clear out differences,
and sometimes friendship could be so good one feels on top of the world.It's a natural phenomenon,
and one is bound to sacrifice and even tolerate.
We never can tell who these people really are,they could be;room-mates,a lover,a neighbor,a coursemate
and sometimes a complete stranger.Friendship like love is blind and knows no bounds;it goes from male
to female,young to young,yound to old,and even old to old.Friendship land of opportunity is so wide
and the choice so infinite,so,it is now left to us to make the right choice of friends.
True friends are like diamond;precious they are,but rare,they give kind words with timely
endless echoes and help us realise our potential,strenght,will power and heart.They are the true reflection
of who we really are and go a long way into the making of our future.Surely,the price for bad company is
like a journey to nowhere,rough and utterly pointless...........

Essay by Balogun Jubril S.
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Written on 2007-06-07 at 15:12

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