What use is a heart without beat?
Whence in the company of waves
Lays the sea...
Truly one is made for another
For in pairs holds
A bond unequalled!
The one that defines us.

What purpose there is
In the eyes without sight?
When the heat of day is
Silenced in the coolness of night
Like rain and earth
Love renews the heart
For one is made for another
The likes of you and I.

Could its importance be overemphasized?
The lip to the teeth
What could compare the bond of secrecy
Both share in the company of mouth?

If you were a bee, I'll be nectar
If you could be the lightning,
I'll humbly be the thunder.
But you are, in flesh and bone,
The beat that powers my heart!!!
Together we share a bond
Unequalled on the rack. 01/06/09

Poetry by Balogun Jubril S.
Read 552 times
Written on 2010-04-14 at 12:29

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