Whoa! Did I write that? God, I'm screwed up.


Yes, I am insane
but still so, so mentally superior
to you.

No, I'll never be fun,
I'm the dull girl,
I'm the blunt girl,
I'm the nagging,
smirking girl.

(Did you notice I'm a girl?)

On a permanent
I spit my feelings
and prejudice
in your face.

See, I'm smiling,
am I happy,
am I happy,
am I happy?!

If you ask me why I'm faking,
I'll claw your eyes right out.

Poetry by True Words Embellished
Read 1132 times
Written on 2005-11-22 at 15:33

Tags Madness 

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John Ashleigh

Even more screwed than me...

But good, nonetheless.

liam killeen
Very well written.You are not dull and you have a very good sence of humour.