George & The Liebush

A long time ago in a bush, a little monkey named George was hiding. He was kind of a smart little fella. A lot of the other monkeys in the jungle did not like him at all. All they could think about was how to find him and make him eat all the old rotten bananas he had sold to them. George, the clever little monkey, had discovered a fantastic, magic way to make his bush grow, so that he would be even harder for the other monkeys to find. He had found, that every time he told a lie his bush grew. It would soon come to a point, though, where the bush would have taken a size that would make it impossible for the other animals not to notice it. It would be almost half the size of the jungle. And even though George would hide deep in the middle of his bush of lies, somehow they would eventually get to him. Or maybe they would just leave him there knowing that he would never find a way out of this enourmous bush of lies.

Short story by Emil Trankjśr
Read 547 times
Written on 2007-06-14 at 21:39

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