Love has gone...

Never forever

In your psychedelic ocean i float
Draped in shivering purple of your hearts shifty emotions
And then the dark grey tears on the pillow
I lick them to keep from starving
These days those tears are all you give me

When you look at me with shiny yellow eyes
I feel as if we already have been torn apart
You are my siamese twin of the mind
You know every bit of heartcrumb thats left inside me
Yet you just lick em and spit em out again
Leaving me a slave to your changing colours

You used to love something about me
Now it seems it's all gone
The big black monster of fear is here to devour
Devour my soul and your almost fainted love
Maybe it's just me
But I saw once the tears you shed for me
They were red and tasted like love

Poetry by Emil Trankjśr
Read 679 times
Written on 2007-08-23 at 02:16

Tags Love 

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