When you don't know what way to turn. 19 June 2007.


The rachis of my inner divine fire,
handle it with delicacy.
Regard my vital spark at others,
forget all your jealousy.

A sensual beginning to all capacity.
To live, to grow, to learn,
a personal experiance of vitality,
one remembers the first ectasy.

Frailty in the finger,
which points at me.
A productive insight;
two does linger
and doesn't know what to do.

Fight my decrepitude.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
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Written on 2007-06-19 at 12:23

Tags Fight  Dark 

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Kathy Lockhart
this is outstanding work John. I love the flow, the sound, the thoughts behind each line.

Decrepit? Who has become decrepit.... maybe it is an appearance, a morphing, a moulting.... it is never easy to snuff out the inner fire... and to fight... sometimes it is all we can do

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
That is something I have to do at times - a sort of fear paralysing me - this is so well expressed John and deserves a bookmark

Elle x

I love the title and don't worry I am a nurse and you are not suffering from it. Best thing to do when you don't know what to do, is nothing. But maybe write a poem such as this little beauty. It is my birthday today and this is a wonderful gift, so I am favoriting it. Smiling at you, Tai, 21 again