The second chapter - alterations to all my previous chapter do occure regulaly, so be sure to read cak if confused.

Lain: Chapter 2.

The morning perched through the silky duvet, and opened my eyes. The silver lining that crept across the room and reached out to the dressing table started to get brighter. It glimmered.
I pushed the covers off me, and cocked my head slightly to Jessica’s side of the mattress. She was still asleep, but looked as if she would wake up in a few minutes. I took it to my advantage, and kept on looking at her resting face. She was so calm. I thought about the day we first met, she was introduced at my company, applying for an office space to work as a receptionist. She wore a grey suit, and I remembered how our eyes first met, how we both went rosy once I accepted her agreement of part-time contract. That night it happened.
“Have I told you that I love you?” I softly whispered next to her ear. She woke up instantly, her blue eyes watering with rest and sadness. Looking up at me, she replied “I’m only going for two months, Kano” as she kissed my nose.


It felt, as she connected her lips, like I was running into a motionless dream of light mists, shrouded with pale amber roses. Those days of warm rains came rushing back to me. Secret moments shared in the heat of the waking with just that one kiss. That is why I loved her, and why I told her I was ill so that I didn’t have to go into work.

I did enjoy a long day at work, typing on a computer. It was my own company, manufacturing our own motherboards like the famous ‘Dell’ and ‘Foxcon’. My company name was ‘Sachi processing’. Jess had gotten dressed and left for work, whilst I was left in my tepid duvet. I thought through my plans for the awaiting afternoon. I stepped out of bed right foot first and trampled the pine floors over to the Memo board. I wrote artfully on the yellow note.

It read: ‘Find Alan’.

Short story by John Ashleigh
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Written on 2005-11-25 at 17:49

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