Gettin confused in my mind. Wish deeply that nothing happened, here, in ly lil heart.

My feeling

Oh no, it's only feelings.
Nothing really true in his reallity
I wish deeply it was for him

Don't know how to call it.

Is it Love?
Is it Friendship?
Don't know really .

But i wish it was Love.

Short story by lovely mum
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Written on 2007-06-28 at 11:39

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then wat is it miss mum good one and well written :)

David L Wright
Be careful what you wish for it may come true. Love is the universal language of life, but often there's only silence. Nice write it stirs a memory or two. Happy trails.

Emil Trankjśr
I like this text. It reminds me of the chaos that can occur in a human heart when the one u love is living on another level or in another "world". And then, what is it you love. Is it the illusion of a person you have sort of moulded to fit your imagination, or is it the real person so to speak. Nicely written with very few words.