Have you ever found someone you trust someone totally without even thinking twice?that you feel so strong at once when you think about that person? i never thought it would be possible to do that.but it happened to me. i fell in love for the first time.

Heart Song

Love.I have it for you.
In abundance.
The depth of oceans or the vastness of space
or the brightness of stars or the speed of light,
amount to nothing,to nothing.
dwarfed by my love for you,
they amount to nothing.

Every single moment, every single nanosecond spent with you, with me,
of us... and our experiences together,
ingrained in my memory
etched on my heart,trapped
in my love for you,
in my mind,in my mind..

Never to be blown away by
winds of change,
neither be washed away
by waves of new thoughts,
nor the intensity of my love for you
diminished even a little
by time that is never stopping
just like my vibrant love for you.

So many words in my mind
words that are parts
parts of my heart's song
a song that surmises my love
my love that is unstoppable
unstoppable like a valiant conqueror
but alas!that valiant conqueror is lost,
lost in insecurities and inevitabilities.
Will I ever put those words down?
Will they materialize into reality?
I may never know.

Young love that it is,
its image in my mind, in my mind
is always going to be
warm sunshine and butterflies,
a long lonely path flanked by trees
with leaves gilded with sunshine.
And as my mind wanders up
that long,lonely path
I find my heart song.
And it sets me free.

Poetry by kj
Read 850 times
Written on 2007-06-30 at 16:54

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Rielle Vobi
Nice. I like this. Sweet.

Zoya Zaidi
One can feel the gushing of love, unable to contain itself... Just like it is!
Wonderfull and spontaneously expressed, dear kj!
Welcopme to the Bay!
Love, Zoya

Amanda K
you did express well the love. well-expressed.