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40 years old from Kenya

...i once watched a candle burn, the bare flame consuming the wick and melting the wax and this is the thought that came to me..."Love is like a fire, you can't tame it"...

...Burning Love...

I watch the candle flame burn
And the wax as it melts down
The wick entwined in the flame
A fire that no one can tame,
Some floating, some dripping
All liquid but only for some time,
It only takes a moment to break
And another to mend,
It only takes a moment to wake
To realise your heart has an ache,
Just as the flame is alit
And one blow puts it off
So is love in the heart not just a bit
And a simple response determines a lot

Poetry By kip
Read 867 times
Written 2006-01-30 11:33

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what an imagination do you have, it is a novel idea to compare love with the candle. v. nice. a must read!

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I never though of love like this.
nice write.

" To realise your heart has an ache "
True words

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