this is a poem i made, about my girlfriend, and sometimes im confused, by all the things wrong with me, and why she still cares, but i know she dose so thats all that matters.

What she see's in me

Confused, by what she see's in me,
just some used, girl, told im a good place for insanity,
not sure, what she see's in me,
wearing pink sweaters, with odd thoughts i think,
she traces her finger's over tender scars,
hard to breath, gasping at tender moment straws,
she loves the way, i go off, and show im mad,
but i think im scared and, i've been very bad,
i've got my bracelets holding my hands back,
she loves how i won't cuss, and she won't backtrack,
over feelings, of regret, her skins all wet, from sweat,
danceing to her own rythem, hips grinding and to musical sirens,
liveing her own life, wispers in my ear, am i your wife,
she wispers to me, come on baby doll,
we got to give it all, we've got, the ball, it's in our corner,
it's not going to fall, wearing a choker to hold my heart below my clavical,
she likes my long hair, it's long and black, but difficult,
she's my new addiction, and i love it, if only my mind wasen't
in rescrition, for me to make a desicion, of how i want to be your's,
you make my knees weak, and hard to speak with finger tips to lips,
through polished nails, you kiss, seductively, run your fingers through my hair,
and tug it lovingly, making love to my hearing, with words, of how you love my eyes,
traceing my throat, of escapeing sighs, past my chin, lets right a sin,
she wispers, to my ears, kissing away tears,salty from faulty wires,
she likes, the way, i wear my hair, how i sit and stare with nothing to say,
my sugar highs, and my electric eyes. confused by why she likes, me, but i like it that way.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 896 times
Written on 2007-04-28 at 12:53

Tags Sees  Heart  Insanity 

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