I had an inspiration to write a poem, and felt it best to write one, that reflected how i feel about most of my current feelings of how things are around me, and for most people in general.

Pound of Flesh.

Laced tightly in barbwire clothes,
hiding from those buying flesh by the pound,

ignoring all the whispers of 2 timing whores,
a spot of blood on skin has finally been found,

watching through smoked glass, at the dried blood on your nose,
head in the clouds as you breath through a garden hose,

collecting love in a tightly knit harem of dolls,
sprinkle on that sweet flavor you've come to love,

kissing up, to the chorus of fake awe's,
tossing up pure cane sugar with a strong shove,

I think I've hit the dart board, it's a little to the right of bulls eye,
ending all that hard work, with the spill of a sigh,

asking for love in all the wrong places,
telling fears to those who'd abuse it,

ask for forgiveness from disgruntled faces,
popping that bubble of love like a zit,

a orchestra asking whats happened, in a belated song,
the world stops for then when it all goes wrong,

house arrested development's on an emotional estate,
among the fenced properties peeking through a shade,

depression rears it's ugly head, and it appears irate,
swat it away and just tell it to fade.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1084 times
Written on 2010-05-14 at 14:33

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