this is about some new experiances i've had, like actually going to the theater, something i've been scared to do before. so it's kind of a back and fourth thing. i hope that you understand and enjoy it, or get a meaning out of it for your sel

Pieces of my mind.

i woke up in a sweat,

from a restless dream,

closed my eyes, 

held my breath and fought a scream,


torn asunder, just like the sound of thunder,

the pieces of my mind so hard to find,


a cold feeling in the bit of my stomach,

pin needles dance across my skin,

a new sensation wraped in an old fear,

i've done this again and again.


striked a pose, bloomed like a rose,

the pieces of my mind so hard to find,


the biting of my lip,

the tingle of my finger tips,

the magic shivers up my spine,

this feeling is new, and one of a kind.



Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1095 times
Written on 2008-09-04 at 05:59

Tags Feeling  Experience  Weird 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
A great graphic telling of exactly what you are feeling. I could almost feel it myself. I understand that kind of dread and fear. Most of us have something that makes us feel this way. Excellent poem.