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37 years old from United Arab Emirates

One question only

One question only
Killing me softly
Each single day

Do you love me
Because I'm beautiful
Tell me now

I want to hear
From your mouth
Not from someone else

Because every time you see me
You say I'm beautiful
Than I was

Always mini skirts
Matching dress
That's how I like

Which always bring big smile on your face
Which doesn't look like a romantic mood
Which I always hesitate

I wonder why sometimes
I keep telling myself
May be because you love me so much

New is silver & Old is gold
But beauty doesn't last forever
One day I'll be old

Wooden stick on my hand
Big glasses on my eyes
Will you still say the same
Or will you leave me then

That's one of a silly question
I want to know
Long time ago

This relation 2 years
You didn't change
Till now

Same words
Same perfume
That's how you like

But I'm worried
You may change
A person can change anytime

So please answer me
This small question
Before I walk away

Because whenever
I want to ask you
You bring lot of excuses

That makes me feel
There is a doubt!
Though you love me so much

Three words
"You are beautiful" everyday
You scare me sometimes

I want you to love me forever
And leave my hand
When and only I'm dead

So if you really love me
Answer me now
One question only

Poetry By Zainab
Read 612 times
Written 2006-12-06 10:13

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Some things are better repeated because honestly this is how he really feels and sees you everyday, and that will never change, so don't question, just appreciate!!!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
of course he loves you when a man say a girl is beautiful there is usually the embers of something there well done an enchanting write
rgds mike

Nice poem i like it.

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