Ha ha..I can't believe I'm inspired by Katy Perry! Sorry poets, this is what I'm reduced to...

Crying Paper

I saved a life

I liked it


I’m not in love

I hiked it


Sighing still

I typed it


Making meals

I tried it


Crying paper

I need it

Poetry by Puddled
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Written on 2008-12-28 at 22:30

Tags Love  Life  Writing 

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You tried it, I liked it, I hiked it, you tiped it, who needs a
crying paper for that? Fun reading, thanks, N.

I like it, now I am copying my silly thoughts.

I read
I thought

I reveiwed
used another thought

I laughed
then held my tongue

I wanted to talk

I wanted to be myself

I ran away from me.

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