...i met this girl and all we do these days is talk, can't stop, just find ourselves wanting to communicate...

Addicted to Talking

We talk about everything
We say just 'bout anything
We look for words sometimes
But still we say this, that
And other things that lay deep within.
She is witty you know
Just 'bout all she says make me think,
Across my face my left eye, I wink
If only she could see
My eye brow raised, my next word said
But after a short lengthy thought
A quick well pondered one
Keep the conversation going at all costs
And literally too, costs
Yet we still talk, 'bout everything we talk

With little of our voices we chat
For hours long we stay alert
Eager hearts impatient for more
More time, more hours in a day
More opportunities to stop what each one
is doing and just chat,
So much said in so little time
Feels like more than few a poetic rhyme
that can be uttered in more ways than one,
we chat my friend, we've spent months chatting

It's been quarter of a year now
Yet still I can't figure out how
For days on end we send so many words,
We sleep on each other
at times I, other times she
But the morning wake allows us to pick
up where we left
I never tire, does she? I don't think so
Hour long conversations, time seems to halt just
for us to chat and talk
Quarter a year down the line
This has to be a sign,
What to do? A lot more to say
This my addiction
Our perpetual textual conversation


Poetry by kip
Read 972 times
Written on 2007-07-06 at 15:58

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