..my definiktions...


I define aggression as the element of my progression
The determinant of my success my untamed ambition
Treading upon the thorns of life without inhibition
With eager anticipation creating a path for
others in a road untraveled
My self-acquired sense of direction

I define Member of Parliament as Satan the Serpent
Sweeping social issues under the carpet whilst protecting
their ilk from the hungry jaws of the carpenter, the grocer,
the coffin-maker and even the undertaker
Constantly stating their prowess in state affairs with
total disregard to the rights of the guard, the teacher,
and even the preacher

I define love as the graceful glide of a dove above
As the heart of a stranger willing to serve
even the most wicked of men expecting nothing in return
Cherishing and nourishing the undeserving out of the
fullness of their being

I define life as the knife that cuts through the
elements of nature
As the moments of strife that harden the heart, grow the mind
and increase my stature

I define me as the future I see
As leaves and flowers clinging to branches of an age-old matured tree

I define you as what you become beyond what you go through

Poetry by kip
Read 874 times
Written on 2010-04-19 at 20:44

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