...reflecting upon her beauty, inner and outer...


Watching you in your eye
The smiley shyness,
That warm beauty resonating,
Emanating from the brown
smoothness of your toned skin,
Watching you in your eye
Makes my manness sigh,
And gawk in awe
at the beauty that is you

Listening to the night
The dark whispers of passion
Of genuine feelings conjured
In a true desire to be with
Not for the fineness of your skin
your even tonation or pretty pigmentation

Neither for your broad beckoning smile
Or the black silkiness of your hair,
Nor for your soothing voice
Music to mine ear
But for you my dear,
For the person you are,
That lady that I so vehemently
desire to be with

For you, to whom the life
that thumps within I seek to yield,
Watching you in your eye
I see the me that I could become


Poetry by kip
Read 887 times
Written on 2009-07-27 at 16:58

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