The cycle of life

The cycle of life
revolves not in the simple evasion of strife
Beings, young and aged striving,
Lacking the needful
Treading upon life enraged,
Desiring to be engaged
In value adding activities,
But ever so inclined to the uncouth,
the unlawful

We walk youthfully
Think and converse elderly
Yet behave childishly
Lowering our standards by every moment of interaction
Yielding our supposedly moral selves
To every form of seduction

And yet we blame the system
If it's not 8.4.4 or something that happened
a time before
Then it's multipartysm
Or politicians and their rogue cynicism

We hate on those that raised us
On the fact that we had to ride the bus to school
Coz apparently, that wasn't hip and cool
We envy those that were dropped and picked
Since in n our narrow minds we believe
that they were better equipped
to lavish through this cycle we call life

The cycle of life revolves around the choices we make
With or without anything at stake

Poetry by kip
Read 856 times
Written on 2009-10-12 at 15:51

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jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
ah the dreaded envy and greed!
our consumer society thrives on it...
and now we are becoming bankrupt because of it...
good observation...