Dribbling my brain, twirling my thoughts... here it comes :)

Rain, Bow & Net

It bled out,
gray smutted clouds.
It rumbled the skies,
shaking the very pith.

Droplets fell,
a long hard fall,
it was joyous,
a moment you'll recall.

Piercing the surface,
the war cry of sin,
my hand held out,
to the next of kin.

Shooting forth,
iron plated tips to marrow,
Impaled slightly,
traces of light seeping narrow.

The scope grows,
the hope vanishes,
a heart sinks into forgetfulness.
Embrace the forward pulling,
racing into the depth,
of empty stillness.

Pulsating the seething mouthpiece,
Charged by the raindrops, shaky knees.

Your words struck my heart,
like arrows shot from a bow.
I run, chasing the shadows,
of the place, nowhere to go.

Auterkeia Nihil

April 2007

Poetry by Autie
Read 1657 times
Written on 2007-04-13 at 06:51

Tags Loss  Sadness  Pain 

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yoonoos peerbocus
wow a good write -i like it