Guilty! Hands and Feet..

What's this tainted shadow,
that covers my heart?
Why am I feeling dark and lonely,
right from the start?

Where did these holes,
ripped into my soul come from?
What will happen with my life,
at the beating of the drum?

When the day turns scarlet,
and the stars fall,
will there be any hope left,
for me at all?

Knees scraped raw,
from the begging heart.
When can the shadow
gloom be torn apart?

Slowly I fade,
like the flame
of a dying fire.
The embers turned,
gray after water,
was sprinkled on top.

Faiths sorrowful suicide,
in the aching night,
begging for the gloom,
and sadness to cease,
to stop.

Give of a hand,
have I not cried enough?
Help me stay up,
has my heart not suffered the tough?

The relentless condemnation,
of guilty hands and feet,
hold the fruit of lips forever sweet.

Auterkeia Nihil

February 2007

Poetry by Autie
Read 1319 times
Written on 2007-06-05 at 12:21

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very well written my dear frnd :) i liked it

John Ashleigh
I don't really know what to say, although I know how emotional and meaningfull this poem is, without even knowing what is truely behind it all. Keep up the good writing.