Written just before leaving for 1st phil class.. very dark place!


Till yesterday i believed
I believed in God
I believed in love
I believed in eternity.
Today I know how much I
have been lying to myself.
No one is normal
There is no normal
Life is never perfect
There is no perfect
I am not beautiful
There is no beauty.
You can't love me forever
There is no forever.

Poetry by Parnika
Read 1508 times
Written on 2007-02-08 at 15:58

Tags Nonbeliever  Philosophy  God 

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what a soul captivating piece of work. No doubt you are bound to face the hottest critics, which ofcourse, would bring you to limelight. Good piece.

Rob Graber
This sounds like the start of a very interesting journey... Well done, and good luck!

indeed a very well versed poem frm ya side.
keep it up. course of life never ran smooth....ull have ya day:))
keep this good work of yours.
loved....theres no forever.
so painful to admit yet so true.

Philosophy is just another way of saying argument, which is every persons right, you will enjoy it I feel sure. Keep your faith but be prepared to broaden your spiritual horisons and you will do well. Who wants to be normal anyway?

Smiling at you,


A dashing poem with dark strokes and beautiful, beautiful wording. Very good piece.

B00Km@rk3d of course.