A poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago in one of my "stream of conciousness". It is somewhat inspired by Sylvia Plath, I had a image of a woman bearing resemblance to her while writing. Yesterday we actually analysed this in my english class.

Arabian Nights

I tread the ground with my turquoise shoes
They echo in my heart, they echo my heart
Click, click, click

With my grimy breath I write you a poem
on your stomach, your tense neck
Lean in closer, and listen to me

I am singing a song about a morel garden
With trees older than your grandmother
Wrinkled as the back of your hand

I can feel the insomnia
Strange against my sore chin
Dry against my desert ankle

Quick, darling
Lie down beside me and let me water you
before the aridness sets in

Let your eyes focus on my lip shape
They're painted red as the
Inside of my exited nostrils

Let's dance to the gramophone, dear
And dream of the years to come
Years we will miss as they go by

And we'll wave at them, smiling
Knowing we will never see them again
Being content with just a ordinary

Set of cigarillos
Your mother bought you
The day you grew up

One for each day, a smell
Of the past settles in my lipstick
coloured nostrils

- 17. January 2007

Poetry by Fleurette
Read 1198 times
Written on 2007-03-03 at 15:19

Tags Sex  Love  Time 

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Rob Graber
Very interesting and enjoyable! I'm pleased to see "lie" used correctly in line 14; "lay" is so often used, incorrectly, in this context! In line 15, "aridity" would be standard; in line 18, you probably want "excited" (!?); and in line 21, "a" should be "an." Look forward to seeing more of your work!

Zoya Zaidi
Though it might be intended in Sylvia Plath style but actually it is absolutely original and fresh!
I must say, I am impressed!
Welcome to the Bay!
Love, Zoya

No, the mushroom morel. Wrinkled, full of holes and expensive.


I was thinking about Sylvia Plath, the american writer. She wrote "The Bell Jar" and the famous poem "Daddy"

morel - do you mean moral? a good piece, some good imagery here.

Very surreal, Dali would be proud of, sylvia too. Not sure about the relevance of the title, but a good poem. whoever she was, she inspired you well. Smiling at you, Tai