This is the 2nd series of love with different faces which gained popularity and admiration of poetbay's members before. I hope you like the 2nd one as well.

62) Love with Different Faces (part2)

There's a love that attracts as magnets and push you away as waves and if you aren't careful it can lead you to a deadly bay.

There's a love that opens a new chapter in your life ; replacing the old sad ones with laughs.

There's a love that touches you gently as a breeze but when it leaves ,it attacks as a storm ,destroying what's left making your heart bleed.

There's a love whose letters are not found on the alphabet but in each letter it speaks on the behalf of all the world's love, my friend.

There's a love that welcomes us as the sun of the day, but sets soon with no signs of decay.

There's a love that falls as a heavy rain from the sky and without a second thought, you find yourself in eternal delight.

There's a love that waits for your answer no matter how long and even if you called it bastard it will never prove you wrong .

But my love, you are the heavy gentle rain of my life
with a light that brought me eternal delight
in a chapter whose letters shine of strong love.

I love ya my yummy guy

Words by Amanda K
Read 1275 times
Written on 2007-05-24 at 00:23

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This is a very beautiful poem to read
I like it..

I Love u too