It's a situation that I loved once and did regret. Words beneath were a relief for me.

82) Pushed you away

I didn't mean to push you away;
But my emotions were indeed ,
Scattered everywhere.
I know you were hurt and shocked by what I did.
But please remember Babe it was not intend at the end.
For the first time, my arms said no to your hugs,
And lips refused to send a passionate kiss.
It wasn't like me, I admit
But rage was controlling,
When you were moving towards me a bit.
I used to welcome you always before
Kissed you wildly a time ago.
With regret that time,
I was under pressure and out of control.
And the only thing that I remember that I closed your door.
So forgive for what was said or told.

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 1951 times
Written on 2007-10-10 at 14:49

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These things happen, a situation, a change of heart - it all hurts, yet we do recover, strong and heartfelt writing here

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