this was something i made awhile back. no need to worry, those who know me, understand it, i just thought in my mind, what would i write on a note such as this. and it didn't seem like much. but, i know better, and, am strong enough to know better to

Sticky Note

the only smile i could have is if i cut my mouth open,
so I wrote my suicide note on a sticky note,
i stared and wondered why there was so little  i wrote,
just some good byes, some smeared under neith the tears i cryed,
i left it by the telephone, so just incase you got upset,
you would have easy access to those who listened while you wept,
i hate writeing this,
when it's about something bad, and not a kiss,
but it's something that i do, and i kinda enjoy it,
i hate september it's something thats hard to remember,
i hate depression, it gets me angry, and makes me depressed,
crying tears, and geting no rest,
it's unacceptable that i have this hate at all,
but i bet your list is as big and wide as niagra falls,
i despise that you have hate for things and others,
it's what happends though, and sometimes it makes you hide under covers,
i hate the sticky note, it reads much less then i thought it would have,
you think i would have more to say before i tore my wrists in half,
i could cut my throat, and on my blood i would choke,
it'd probley wipe away, what i said, on the note,
but there was not much to read there, just something the size of a sticky note.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 993 times
Written on 2007-09-12 at 14:34

Tags Note  Suicide  Depressed 

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Joe Fern
Exellent and poignant imagery. i love the last line.

sometimes theres not much to say..