Sometimes in life you love so much it is enough to cover for two. yet, still a love like that is so big and ponderous it only works to hurt you deep inside. I too loved so blindly, once in life.


Frames of still moments of that time,
Smiling, laughter on the stars,
Let my eyes drop into the sea,
That make your shining eyes.

Knowledge that there's nothing,
For me in there, Reluctant I look away.
Feel the burning in my empty hand,
The longing for your hand to be near mine.

If only I could fill you with this need I have,
That we'd carry this aching side by side,
That I'd look into you eyes and find me there,
Your longing for me, My tenderness.

Stroke my arm while I think of you,
Trying to ease the hurt inside me now.
If you could see in my eyes what I'm looking for in yours..
If only you'd reach out to me as I walked away.

What would you do if I took away all these things,
if I looked away and lost the glow in my eyes?
Would you catch me on my way out, of this need?
Would you miss it while it's gone, into forgetfulness?

How would you feel? If anything, at most...
Would you shed a single crystal tear, for the passing away,
of my admiration for you? This day will have gone by...
Would you long for it to return, redeem it from the pit?

Would you look out to match each brushstroke,
That I've carefully painted onto my heart,
That I've traced with my breath and my whispers?
Can you take this painting of what I have inside for you?

Will you take the essence of what I need from you?
Will you take this sunset that has made me become incomplete?
Have you looked at the moon we contemplated that night?

Can you take all my memories, on the canvas of this song?
Have my dreams as a statue to embellish your nights...
I scream the unspoken words I want to hear,
Take these paintings with you, take them all far away from me.
 Auterkeia NihilOctober 2005 

Poetry by Autie
Read 920 times
Written on 2007-03-18 at 22:18

Tags Forget  Painting  Love 

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Reluctant - why the capital letter in the middle of a line? also in other places words capitilised inside lines. i like the painting imagery used here, perhaps because i paint too. a good poem.

Rob Graber
Beautiful sntiments, beautifully expressed.

PS: Line 4 seems to need "makes" (if it's the sea that's making his eyes shine). Also, capitalization and punctuation seem inconsistent, e.g., several periods where question marks would be expected... :-,? Great write though!