I just feel

I just feel
If I sleep tonight
I don't want
To wake up again
Life is......
Full of lies
I had enough
No more!

If nobody
Could see my generous
Long time before
And until now
Then she will
Then he will
Then there will
Never see forever.

I tolerated
As much as I could
I can't handle
Any situation now
I need a break
From now on
Full stop
The journey is over.

I just feel
I don't want to see
Tomorrow's sun
This shall be my last moon
I feel my time has arrived
To go to my lord
The time which was not written by God
Which was decided by the evil human beings.

By Zainab copyright 8 January 2007

Poetry by Zainab
Read 1048 times
Written on 2007-01-08 at 06:16

Tags Life 

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so deep writting Zainab

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Darling, your pain is written in each word. But this is just a phase and it will pass. Light will return again. I know about the darkness and I know about the light. Light will again shine for you. You are loved. Just get through this dark time and you will smile again. Love, Moma Kathy

Hello Zainab, Yes we all feel like this at some time or another, feeling unappreciated for the kindness of our hearts, but never fear a poet such as you will get out and always come through. Each day is a new day and I personally, put every day behind me, with regards to my children too. They know they can start afresh each and every day. I hope your days are full of smiles, courage of your convictions in kindness and love will alway prevail.

Smiling at you,


OH CHEEEEZ WIZ!!wasnt done writing and was gonna rewrite!!
lol cant now!anyways at times we just cant handle anythingand just want to say ****it all!!!
the lord does not want you just yet!!
hey!!!!!! you are a dear friend of mine ya hear!!!!
hugs of many to you:)

I feel your pain what you write,,and I know what you mean not wanting to see a new dawn but there will come a day to see a new look at life and in momments time we feel we just cant go on..feeling we can not hide or go away what we feel are own and no one ca tell ou different you just feel BUT!! YOU FEEL