BOB: May I know your name? Why are you giving me such looks? I don't want to eat your name, Are you out of your sane? I asked for your name only nothing else I asked, Ok if you don't want to tell me what your name is, tell me where you live, the street name too.
Ok don't be mad with me just tell me Where were you born? Are you single? What's your age? Are you married? Do you have kids? What are your hobbies? What is your occupation?
Don't mind that's my work I have to question you Coz I'm a police officer.
And you sound a bad person coz you don't want to answer any of my questions which I just questioned you. And I suspect you are trying to hide something from me.

ALEX: No Sir, I didn't answer you coz I'm a deaf

BOB: If you are a deaf
How did you hear now?
What I just told you

ALEX: No I meant I was out of my mind.

BOB: Really you were,
Then why you were making such looks when I was asking you?

ALEX: I was thinking about my past

BOB: What's wrong with your past?

ALEX: You don't know how I suffered, my past days
Were the worst days of my life!

BOB: Really.......
So you want me to believe you?
What you are saying,
That's the truth

ALEX: Yes it is Sir...

BOB: So can you give me a proof?

ALEX: Sir where will I get the proof that was a long time.

BOB: Still even though!
You can tell me your story, how you suffered?
What made you suffer? Like what you said.

ALEX: I can't speak, I feel so bad. Whenever I speak about my past its makes me feel more sad and upset.

BOB: But now you just said that you were thinking about the past, that's why you couldn't hear what I was asking you.
I'm surprised for what you said but I need to know one thing from you.
If you speak about it, it makes you feel sad and what about thinking about it.

ALEX: No coz in my past there were moments of happiness and sadness.
That's why

BOB: You are a liar look at yourself you even don't know what you are saying.

I meant I wasn't feeling well, that's why I didn't answer any of your questions!
But sir!
I can answer you now
My name is Alex Fedrik Elson
I live in Sharjah
I'm afraid you know this place
Coz you live here too
So in order to remind you
This is UAE (United Arab Emirates)
I was born in 19 March 1978 in Australia
I'm not single, I'm not married, and I don't have kids. I'm just in a newly relationship and I'm a doctor.
I love reading and drawing!

BOB: That's ok now; I got bit information about you. Sorry for disturbance, I'm doing my job too. I know you are not in a mood but one last question though you are not feeling well.
Your telephone number, your mobile number because you could be one of the lucky winner.
In today's program

I'M not sick.

BOB: Ok don't panic, you just lost.

The End.

Short story by Zainab
Read 1359 times
Written on 2007-01-18 at 09:03

Tags Dialogues 

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this was an interesting read - I read it twice and enjoyed it heaps - well done in writting it...

Hope you enjoy!