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I started to write poems when I was about ten or nine years old. My very first poem is about peace. But when I first learned to write and read in first class I was always making some short stories about a bear. Nowadays I almost only write poems. My poetry is about everthing around me, how I feel, my past, what I read and see...everything!

I live in Spånga, Stockholm. But my mom is from the philippines and dad is from Sweden. I'm the school's lonelywolf so I'm mostly not doing something special during the brakes, but it's just one year left until I start in upper secondary school. I go to actingschool and I also take piano lessons, train karate, sing in a choir, try to learn to play the guitar and skating with my 3 years older brother. I litsen to rock, punk/ rock, pop/ punk, skatepunk, pop, grunge and old jazz. I also draw and paint alot, but I'm also interested in astronomy, divination and technology.

some of the communitys I'm sign in:

poeter.se ( the swedish poetbay ): Mickey

helgon: Blacie

bilddagboken.se ( it'a a picture diary ): blacie

myspace: Lilly


some poets that I like:

Edgar Allan Poe
Karin Boye

Writing friends
Veld Cooper


32 years old from Sweden

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