Now read it twice maybe just maybe you can catch my point of veiw [[think old camera & do find the other way to]]

Colors start to fade

Colors start to fade
Filled with gray
Memories to look upon
Each and evrey day
Colors start to fade

Good or the bad
Happy or the sad
Colors start to fade

But when...
Colors start to fade
Then you can say "Back in the day..."
Colors start to fade

Black comes to gray
But in your memorie
Colors never fade

Poetry by Courtney Marie Marion
Read 694 times
Written on 2009-01-26 at 06:32

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I can catch it on camera
in my mind's eye,
all of a sudden
I became an old camera
just for your point of view.
I even saw sepia
with other colours
that faded away the blues
just for you~
I enjoyed being
an old camera as nothing
was ordinary because
it was for you. :)