well i dont know if this is a poem or not but anyways im not broken hearted i just needed a way to make the poem end properly ENJOY ^^

New Day

She wiped her eyes while looking up at the moon
As to her surprise
It was just the begining of sunrise
The day had come
Where everything could and would go wrong
She wondered what the day would hold
She thought it would just be filled with sorrow
As she wept somemore
The sun began to rise
Blinding her eyes
Drying all the shattered tears
And repaired her broken heart
Telling her that today is not the day the world will fall apart

Poetry by Courtney Marie Marion
Read 795 times
Written on 2009-09-08 at 07:44

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Acutally I would say this is prose, however it IS most excellent prose, much like the beging of a short story or novel! Bravo! I loved this write!!