I Wanna be Whipped with Licorice!


Censor all bad language on TV while someones relative is lying bleeding LIVE on the news right after,
censor all guns in the rapvideos so your children will grow up not knowing what they got shot with!
I wanna be whipped with licorice!!

Bush Masterplan's to put the lands earlier first lady against a black man so his guy wins and their war can go on forever!
I wanna be whipped with licorice!!

Censor all shirts on TV so noone else but the big industries will get any money so they can get more to sponsor the same TV-channel!
I wanna be whipped with licorice!!

For years now after the fake election One and Two, americans have said
they didn't vote for Bush and that he won buying himself into the Oval Office, so if the majority of the american people surely didn't vote for him, Who Did!
I wanna be whipped with licorice!!
...just slap me in the face with your strawberry flavored red stuff
...to wake me up!

LPWJ 25/04/08

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1200 times
Written on 2009-09-26 at 01:48

Tags Depression  Passion  Philosophy 

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Yes I guess, but I blame that on militant communism more, but again this was a anti Bush poem

Be well,

Kennedy nearly took us into a nuclear war. You better go back to Truman.

Hello free soul

Yes I know Obama is the better choice, but he has thoroughly dissappointed me in his decisions on war. Since coming into office and heralding this new wave of attacks in Afganistan, hundreds of young british teenagers have been mercilessly slaughtered and maimed hideously for the rest of their lives.

I am sickened that we have not learned from the first war, that throwing our best like cannon fodder at the so called enemy, works. It just kills....10% of our prison population are x forces! Now we, being britain too, threaten more war on more nations, using excuses to press on.

We can never win such a battle, just lose more and more of our best young hearts. Our future going to hell, in this day and age of no common sense.

Thanks for the chat on it. I understand where you are coming from. I will continue to hope for peace.

Smiling at you,

Tai, take two!

we'll have to just wait and see

if the other Republican guy had won (who was in the military it had been even worse) Obama is the best that has happened since Kennedy

we have the same problem here in Sweden after 10 years of malgovernment (if that is a word if not I just invented it) of Persson that Reinfeldt now is trying to fix and theres a lot to fix after those bad years with Persson, Bush & Blair

but change takes time and terror is a real threat
just look at North Korea and Iran now in the news this week

I never did my time in the army, didnt have to go to jail tho thank God

I'm sort of a hippie
a free soul

Be well,

We certainly want to be whipped with something dear poet! You are not wrong in this expression in suspension of disbelief of what we are prepared to be fed! I love licorice! it's good for you, but I prefer the black stuff.

I wrote my first anti present administration poem last night. So annoyed that the same old rhetorics to continue warring...we are not that stupid, surely?

I want to be whipped with ice cream and black licorice, not I scream with more blood on our hands.

Smiling at you


Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Lord...your poem expresses my thoughts exactly...

really worthwhile write....whip me with licorice