Torn Between Two Horses

Torn between two strong horses
one that always been faithful to me
and one that makes my heart bleed
Torn in the middle of struggling beasts
lying awaiting listening for a sound
to get suddenly bored raise up and run
Torn in my heart in my soul in my mind
to grant the roman emperor a feast
of my carnal carnival and spirited spirits
Torn like Bacchus of Dionysus female followers grace found
they were not in it for love - but for fun
the one that played with them lost when he thought he won
Torn between the Two Horses that beside me stand
they did not run tearing me apart
only with one stare of their shining golden silvery deep eye they broke my heart
slowly nuzzling into the dead mans hands
they won without effort - beside them in chains but alive still I stand
with a shadowsoul I'm off to the Promised Land.


Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1478 times
Written on 2009-10-03 at 21:45

Tags Hurt  Pain  Love 

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Joan Black
This is kind of a philosophic poem, I can read the speculations, which are nicely represented.

Man's two sides, racing in harmony, he knows is the perfect pairing!

Smiling at you