Winter Short Poems


~ The Cave ~

Having a cold drink

can feel it dripping into my empty soul

like an ancient cave I saw long ago

water slowly falling

from the stalactites high above

~ Scapegoats ~

I'm outta your game

find a new player to maim

a perfectly sane

then try and drive him insane

lie and call a strong Individual lame

find your little Scapegoat to blame

call him all your imaginations nasty names

and don't care that he cared...things will fall out the same

you double the pain!!!

Here's one animal you'll never be able to tame

Yeah, go ahead & fuck up your lives again!

live it in vain.....

~ The Mirror ~

I am the Mirror

if you don't like what you see

then don't come around bothering me

a reflection of your soul I am

you cast me out cause your result you damn

did not appreciate the image

the vision you saw within the frames

of the Mirror that I am.


I return joy with joy

anger with anger

If you're afraid of fire

you shouldn't feed the fury taste the danger

where love tries to shine

the flames burning higher

to consume you of joy or woe

one smiling eye that glares into me is my Pride's Shrine.

I'm like a crystal clear lake at autumn before winter's cold

poison it and you suffocate on your own actions...Behold!

pollute it and expect reactions of things I foretold

now watch it unfold...


I am the Mirror, please come to me

pure of heart and innocent smile

smile into me and on the world laughter will shine

you been mistreated like me, redeemed you'll be

go create with your time...leave the destroyers behind

then come back and sit in my lap

...come creep into the warm arms of mine.

~ Adieu ~

I also had a longing vision for the one and my dreamwoman

and I let you fill that dream.

You detest what I love

all what makes life sweet and not sour.

~ Love ~

Now we say it halfheartedly and it's full of both pity and joy

based on the friendship we share blooming beyond control

later we'll say it both full of experience and soon of smiles and sorrow,

closer we are both, we entwine and wrap eachother's arms around eachother's hearts.



Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1586 times
Written on 2009-10-03 at 01:50

Tags Love  Pain  Hurt 

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Joan Black
These poems are rather expressive by themselves, each of which is absolutely unique.

Kathy Lockhart
there is some outstanding imagery here. Each poem stands out from the others but there is continuity through each piece--somewhat like bracelet full of charms. Each different, single, but making something whole and clear.