We do sometime face such situation.........

Do you know the meaning of I love you

I want to speak to you,
I want to ask you something,
Something which I never asked you before,
"Do you know the meaning of I love you"

Do you really know?
First if you really don't,
And your answer is no,
Then why do you keep saying so.

I love you baby girl!
When you say it with all your feelings,
Confusing my brain,
Making me think this is your love for me.

Why don't you only say?
I like you baby girl,
Everyday boiling my stomach,
"Do you know the meaning of I love you"

I love you are words,
When once there are spoken,
For a second the world stops,
There is silence everywhere.

A smile which can never be explained,
It builds a place on your face,
When you frequently use these words,
There is a kind of feeling which grows inside.

Day by day that friendship,
Grows to love,
Do you understand my friend?
Do you now know?

"Do you know the meaning of I love you"

By Zainab copyright 6 January 2007

Poetry by Zainab
Read 1078 times
Written on 2007-01-06 at 05:43

Tags Love 

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words becomes so beautifull and touchy when it is mixed with emotions you feel inside... and i am glad you are so good at it...keep it up...

Amanda K
i know it well after reading that poem. i'm in love myself and can feel how love is shinning through these precious lines . a great start for 2007 with such amazing poems, dear friend.

I love you , too


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Thanks mama k ^^

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
you write with your heart dear one creating emotional pieces that draw my heart towards you. Love you, Mama K

Thanks teala
my buddy ^^


Mood: 5

Heartfelt and Emotional..I love how you put yourself so much into this piece..I can really feel it. Great one!