A Day Breaks Free
And finally he makes it

A Day Breaks Free
And the world he knew changes

A Day Breaks Free
And a new sun rises

A Day Breaks Free
But he tries to hide it

A new day breaks free
As the day before settles

Poetry by TheLine
Read 1212 times
Written on 2007-01-03 at 03:41

Tags Life  Sun 

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Edgar John Jackson
Each new day is a new experience to live .... though we organize our lives, daybreak brings us a new surprise to face. Great poem!!!!!!!!

Amanda K
This is the cycle of life that we face it daily. good point.

This fast paced poem has a strange calming affect about it The Line! Nicely done. Smiling at you, still one day at a time, Tai

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Off to a good start of the new year i think. This poem came to life when I was writing lyrics to a new song and when I was thinking about the future and my life.

yes cool ... and subtle ... those are the words coming to me too ... making life the mystery it is ....