I Love You...

If love is like poetry,
written on pages,
with ink,
Not even those seas fill of ink,
would write how much i do love you my love.
If words of love,
are to be chanted like sonnets,
to be played with violins and piano,
not even Elvis, the KING,
could sing you a word,
which describes how much i love.
If the beauties of this world stood with alliance,
and tried to compete with you,
my spring vanilla, with your beauty
the beauty would have called itself ugliness
If i could touch you,
and still stay feet on ground
i would kiss your cherry lips
and declare war on those,
who don't believe in angels.
If pain and agony,
of your absence would be shared,
i could share with the whole population of china,
and still be alot to share.
If these words i write for you,
only you can bring you back to me,
bring the air between us to a dead end, my embrace,
i would sacrifice the pyramids of egypt,
treasures of Cleopatra, just to feel you breathe,
once again on my chest,
to feel your hands pondering my body,
like a ballerena dancing in harmony.
If tears and cries, could make me feel your intimacy,
once more,
then it would have brought you since ages,
I love you, i still do,
i cry it to myself before i sleep, before i pray,
before i breathe, before i blink,

I miss you




Sonnet by maxmedo
Read 1103 times
Written on 2007-09-16 at 02:17

Tags Love 

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moon smile
Oh,i could not find a word to exprees the magnificant feelings i felt when i red your words ,your emotins are so true ,it's a splendid poem, i loved it soooooooo much.

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Format: 5
Mood: 5
Overall: 5

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
with such tenderness and sweetness do these words float upon this page for this one you miss so much. The deep undying love is written with such beauty from your soul.