Blinded With Tears...

- i -
My soul is lost in the sea of doubts,

that consumes me with its silence,

into a bigger mass of misery and pain,

while i'm awaiting on the shore of hope.

- ii -
My faith is burnt in front of my own eyes,

My blood is mixed with my suffering cries,

As my heart tastes the glass of bitterness,

while i'm awakening from my dream.

- iii -
My love that was one day a story,

is just translated into poems of melancholy,

written with sorrows and weeps,

while i'm walking my sinful path.

- iv -
My existence is buried alive,

through dark soils of disgrace,

with darkness setting on my face,

while i'm blinded with tears.


Poetry by maxmedo
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Written on 2010-07-17 at 21:47

Tags Sad  Pain  Depression 

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syarifah nur
it really touched my mood. yet I'm sure a new light of hope will emerge and shine ur heart . let's make it as a precious learning for us to be stronger.

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