Love without no end

I thought I've come to see
someone who might be
Gentle, meek and kind
But, oh, I was blind

Believing in love again
A love without no end.

Anything could be
Better than this free
I'm thinking it all over again
Receiving nothing at all.

standing lonely by the wall
standing lonely by the wall.

Now I've come to know
that your love was a show
oh, I'm feeling so used

I wonder who you are
who took and left that scar?

I can't deny that you decide
You're right but what about your pride?
And fairness between friends
or is there where your mind ends?

It seems we will decay
our love did break away.
I wish I wasn't blue
but I got a hangup on you.

Now I hope that you can find
someone who ain't my kind
someone who ain't my kind.

Cause now I understand
what you got on hand.
Oh, but I still do believe.

Somewhere there must be
someone who's waiting for me
Gentle, meek and kind
and I hope that I can find.

That believing in love again
will be a love without no end
a love without no end.

Poetry by Richard
Read 841 times
Written on 2008-04-14 at 15:10

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