Someone I left behind. My biggest mistake.

If I tell you so.

If I tell you so
I've been thinking of you
I loved you so
Will you see me again
as your friend?

I wonder about you now
after all these years
What are your feelings now?
Will you meet me again
or did our friendship, come to an end?

I just want to know
that you're safe and sound
That you're alright
and I don't have to worry no more.

If I call you now
would you pick up the phone?
and answer now
or do you just hang up?
Or let it ring?

Got to admit, I still have feelings for you.
Wish my dreams come true
But your silence is talking
No wonder you're walking, away, again.

I just want to know
If you're safe and sound
If you're alright
Then I don't have to care no more.

I'm leaving you behind
I will let my love go.
I'm leaving you behind
I will let my love go...away!

Poetry by Richard
Read 932 times
Written on 2016-04-04 at 22:02

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