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Jordanian writer (poet and novelist) and translator originally from Palestine (Nablus), who writes in both English and Arabic and whose work has been published worldwide in different cultural magazines and newspapers. He studied in England and the U.S.A and traveled all around the world before settling in Romania.

His poetry books and novels have been published in English, Arabic, Romanian, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Pilipino. He participated in many national and international cultural events and founded the Odyssey International Festival of Poetry that is held every 2 years in a different country.


Poetry Books:

Lost Tablets
Images in the Memory
The Other Face of Hell
Chapter from the Poetry Bible (English-Romanian-Arabic edition, "Poezia" Publishing House, Romania 2006)
Home, love, prayer
Aesthetic Contemplation
Book of Love (English-Romanian-French-Arabic)
Existentialism (Arabic)
Murals (English-Romanian-Spanish-Arabic edition, "Poezia" Publishing House, Romania 2006)
Endymion sings to Selene - love poems
The Passions of a Poet


Love and Hate (English edition -"Junimea" Publishing House, Romania, 2006)
Love and Hate (Romanian edition)
Bride of the Nile
The Fall

Essays & Studies:

The Concept and Meaning of Poetry in the Past and Present
Philosophy of Romanticism
Philosophy of Symbolism
Philosophy of Surrealism
Philosophy of Aesthetic
Philosophy of Existentialism in Literature
The Philosophy of Death in the Ancient Civilizations
A review on I Chin Book
Essay on Ugarit Epic
Philosophy of Death in Islam

Founder & Chairman of ARTGATE Cultural Association, Romania

munir mezyed

from Romania

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